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Aerodrome Safeguarding Procedure

kittyhawk aerodrome safeguarding procedure

ASP in place with: 

wealdon council
lewes district council
eastbourne borough council

Kittyhawk Aerodrome Safeguarding Procedure (ASP) is registered with Wealden, Lewes & Eastbourne councils,  establishing an agreed consultation procedure with the local planning authority or authorities while affording Kittyhawk Aerodrome with a 3 km planning protection area.

Kittyhawk Aerodrome is a lawful flying site with the benefit of a Certificate of Existing Lawful Use. We operate like many other grass aerodromes in the UK, in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) category entitled "Unlicensed Aerodrome”. This is a cost-effective way to provide of a safe flying site, with numbered and defined runways, taxiways, aprons and hangarage together with a dedicated air/ground radio frequency for communication between the operator of the aerodrome and the pilot of a nearby aircraft.

The Governments recent planning guidance on the importance of aerodromes which cater for light aviation is unequivocal on the value to the Nation and to the local economy of such sites as Kittyhawk Aerodrome. The "Release to Parliament of the General Aviation (GA) roadmap" is dated 21st of April 2021. It states “there is a national need to protect and enhance our strategic network of GA airfields - to ensure they continue proper and drive the economic growth this country needs...".

Aerodrome Safeguarding Procedure Benefits

The Aerodrome Safeguarding Procedure (ASP) has worthwhile benefits to flight and public safety as follows:

1. It publicises and alerts the owners/occupiers of land and premises of the existence of the lawful aerodrome and to expect that:

  1. Flying operations are likely to take place when weather conditions are suitable.
  2. Parts 6, 17, 18 & 20 of the Town and County Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (as amended) “permitted development” rights may not be exercised.
  3. During the operational hours of Kittyhawk Aerodrome (normally sunrise to sunset), civil and military aircraft operating in the area will avoid overflying the Aerodrome and in the vicinity at low level (ie normally below 1500 ft).
  4. A degree of aircraft noise may be expected. This is helpful to those making a Location decision.

2. The ASP formalises procedures for the local planning authority (LPA) to consult with the operator of Kittyhawk Aerodrome in respect of development which might effect the safe operation of aircraft using the site.

3. It assists the LPA in the processing and determination of planning applications where the existence of the Aerodrome is a material planning consideration.

4. It informs the LPA of the existence of the Aerodrome so that details may be included in the Local Development Framework or Local Plan and the area safeguarded from inappropriate development in accordance with planning policy guidance in the National Planning Policy Guidance.

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