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Landing Fees

Valid April 2024

Landing fees can be paid by debit/credit card when submitting our PPR form - or you can pay via UK Faster Payments bank transfer. We also accept debit/credit cards at our self-service Control Point, located in the hangar.

pay landing fees with visa
mastercard - use for airport landing fees
american express - use for landing fees
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<1,499 Kg MTOW
Flex-wings, Microlights, C152, C172, PA28 etc.
<1,999 Kg MTOW
Beechcraft Bonanza, Diamond DA62.
<2,499 Kg MTOW
Piper PA23 Aztec, Piper PA46 Malibu. 
<2,999 Kg MTOW
>2,999 Kg MTOW
Cessna C208 Caravan, Kodiak 100 / 900.
2 seats inc. pilot
Robinson R22, Ultralight helicopters.
4 seats inc. pilot
Robinson R44, Hughes MD500, Gazelle.
5-7 seats inc. pilot
Squirrel AS350.
8 seats+ inc. pilot
Augusta 109, Airbus H175, Bell 429.
Rescue Helicopters
Kent/Surrey/Sussex Air Ambulance etc
Aircraft Parking / Day
First two hours are free
50% of Landing Fee
Aircraft Parking / Night
Sunset to Sunrise plus two hours
100% of Landing Fee
Outside tie-down - perfect for spring/summer/autumn - no notice required
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Shared Hangar (max 9 aircraft dependent on type) - Full
Waiting list
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