Time flies - it’s already been two weeks since our second fly-in and BBQ. Thank you all for coming over and taking part.

We had over 200 people visit with just shy of 40 aircraft flying in. We’d hoped for more but alas wind conditions in the west of the UK meant that a lot of our aviation buddies couldn't depart their home fields.

It was great to see so many helicopters buzzing about (albeit beating the air into submission as some of our fixed wing kin might say!)

We are really grateful for all the help and support we get from our residents and friends of Kittyhawk - a big part of what makes our airfield so special.

Picture / video competition

We’ve already received several cracking pictures of the day’s events. I’d like to give you the opportunity to upload your favourite pictures and/or videos here. (It’s a secure link to our server). By doing so you agree to let us use or modify said images for the promotion of the airfield and related businesses on a free basis - we plan to produce a video in the future.

We'll choose a winner (or two) and will have some specially produced merch for you!

Kittyhawk Residents sporting their new caps. Further merch in production!

Upload your images

On the up

Thanks to those who tagged, liked and posted content up on Insta and Facebook - this really helps get our name out there and connect with AvGeeks and aviation appreciators in the UK and around the world.

It’s still relatively early days in the transformation of our airfield. We have a keen eye on sustainable & harmonious technologies as they become viable. You can do your bit supporting GA as it is a UK strategic asset. Many airfields are under threat and we have an opportunity to buck the trend. Aviation is a great entry point into STEM subjects and we are keen to encourage and foster those who are interested. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the GA community and they are only too happy to share with anyone interested!

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If you are interested in volunteering at Kittyhawk please do get in touch with a covering email to and let us know what you can bring to the table!

Future Events

There’s an adage that for an airfield to make a million, you need to invest five! We are always open to complimentary business opportunities.

We are also looking to put on more events including more regular fly-ins and BBQs. 

We also realise that we are learning on the job. The BBQ wasn’t without hitch - while we sold all our amazing chicken and burgers (and had some great feedback - the food was prepared with a lot of love) - some of the servings weren’t up to the high standard we strive for. We have plans in place to raise the bar for the next fly-in.

It was a real pleasure to have you over.

Thanks again,

Team Kittyhawk

Sarah Gulzar, Resident & Oliver Steel, airfield operator.

Johnny Carr, 72, has claimed top spot at the Great British Aerotow Revival 2022. Congratulations from all of us at Kittyhawk!

Jonny Carr
Jonny Carr
L: Gordon Rigg C: Jonny Carr R: Dave Matthews

Read the full article in the Argus here.

We recently announced the date of our next fly-in to Kittyhawk Aerodrome after the success of our somewhat last minute fly-in last September.

Save the date flyer

We are busy for the moment improving our runways and taxiways for the start of this season so more details and an RSVP form will be published in due course - at least a month before our fly-in.

Alex Edwards, our hangar helper and video editor extraordinaire is putting together a clip of last year's fly-in, so those who joined us will probably see thier aircraft in the clip.

More news soon. Looking forward to seeing more GA here at Kittyhawk.

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