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Border Force CoA

We have a Certificate of Agreement (CoA) in place with UK Border Force / National Frontier Approvals Unit.

Pilots can fly to and from the Channel Islands & the EU and are expected to comply with all relevant laws & filing procedures (sGAR). As a frontier airfield, we have a close working relationship with Border Force (they attend regularly) and we do report anything suspicious or illegal.

Pilots are responsible for complying with all relevant legislation. A copy of any GAR filed to/from Kittyhawk Aerodrome MUST be sent to management prior to departure/arrival - failure to do so will likely result in a permanent ban from Kittyhawk Aerodrome.

NEW: The General Aviation (Flight Information, Persons on Board and Civil Penalties) Regulations 2024 (‘the 2024 regulations’)

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Extract: The permission granted under this Certificate of Agreement by the Border Force

The Principal is hereby advised that under section 21 of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 the Commissioners of HMRC grant permission for the handling of General Aviation passenger flights to and from Third Countries (including the Channel Islands) at Kittyhawk Aerodrome (the Principal’s Premises).

In accordance with section 159(2) of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 Kittyhawk Aerodrome (the Principal’s Premises) is also appointed as a place for the UK Customs Authorities to examine and take account of goods.

Permission is granted with effect from 24th March 2023 until 24th March 2028. This Certificate of Agreement is subject to permission being withdrawn or amended, including for non-compliance with the associated terms and conditions.

The Principal’s Premises will be subject to the control of Border Force Newhaven

Further information regarding the immigration requirements that may apply to flights using Kittyhawk Aerodrome can be found in the General Aviation Report (GAR) guidance and further information about the immigration rules, visa requirements and carriers’ liability can be found on the GOV.UK website.


The conditions in this agreement represent the requirements of the Border Force for Customs purposes only and should not necessarily be implied to represent the requirements of other Government Departments or Statutory Bodies. Permission is granted subject to the Principal undertaking to observe the terms and conditions attached herewith this agreement.

1. All International air movements

This agreement represents the requirements of Border Force in relation to the embarkation and disembarkation of Travellers for Customs purposes only.

An operator or pilot of a general aviation aircraft is required to report in relation to international or Channel Island journeys to or from the UK, as specified under Sections 35 and 64 of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979.

The Principal will endeavour to ensure that the General Aviation Report (GAR) is completed.

The Principal is to maintain records at the Principal’s Premises giving details of all arrivals at and departures from the Principal’s Premises. These records should be faxed to the Control Office as directed by the Proper Officer and the Principal will endeavour to advise UK Customs Authorities immediately of any changes to previously notified information.

2. General

The Principal will endeavour to comply with any special procedures which may be imposed by the Border Force for Immigration purposes and with the requirements of the Police Force responsible for policing the aerodrome.

The Principal must inform all aerodrome users of the conditions of the permission granted and obtain their written agreement to observe them.


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