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Kittyhawk Circuit Patterns

Kittyhawk Aerodrome's circuit patterns are as follows:


kittyhawk circuit patternskittyhawk advanced pilot awareness
50°52'08.0"N 0°07'11.0"E
(50.868889, 0.119722)
20ft AMSL
(Part time A/G service) @ 118.265 Mhz
Circuit height
800ft AMSL
16L/34R: 845M (2,272’)
16R/34L: 568M (1,864’)
10/28: 510M (1,673’)

R/W 10
R/W 28
R/W 16R
R/W 34L
R/W 16L
R/W 34R


Kittyhawk Aerodrome's current runway status is as follows:

runway status hang glider aerotow
Hang glider Aerotow Inactive
RWY 16L/34R open soon. TWY BRAVO open soon.

Kittyhawk Procedures & notes

This page is for information purposes only, no warranty implied.

Kittyhawk Aerodrome is located 12km / 7.5miles / 6.5nm directly north of the Seaford (SFD) VOR-DME.

Visiting aircraft PICs (Pilot In Command) must file a PPR* prior to arrival and arrive/depart in VFR day hours (SR-30m / SS+30m) with exceptions for certain helicopter traffic, subject to runway status advisory & safe weather conditions.

Please be courteous to our neighbours – do not fly over local houses / villages, making best efforts to fly circuit patterns accurately.

ADVISORY: We experience wind-shear on RWY 28 Short Final when there is a south-westerly wind (which can be compounded with gusting). This is caused by the presence of large trees adjacent to the threshold. Visiting pilots are invited to contact the airfield operator on 01273 921 446 to discuss if they are concerned. We do have a wide, long & forgiving RWY 16/34 available for use - please be familiar with your a/c type cross wind minima and mindful of your ability/experience.

CAUTION: undulating surface on taxiways & parking areas - hand/feet near brakes!

We have a Certificate of Agreement (CoA) in place with National Frontier Approvals Unit / Border force; all pilots can fly to and from the Channel Islands & the EU from Kittyhawk Aerodrome. Pilots are expected to comply with all relevant laws & filing procedures (sGAR etc).

As a frontier airfield, we have a close working relationship with Border Force (they attend regularly) and we do report anything suspicious or illegal.

The airfield is monitored by CCTV at all times. If you are not a resident or arriving by air and wish to visit us, you must seek permission first.

We have an Aerodrome Safeguarding Procedure (ASP) registered with Lewes, Eastbourne & Wealden councils.

Kittyhawk Aerodrome is a privately owned airfield located on Kittyhawk Farm, operated by Kittyhawk Un Limited and has unlicensed airfield status.

*Failure to file a PPR and pay landing fees prior to arrival and subsequent departure will incur administrative costs in addition to the cost of landing fee. Repeat offenders will have visiting rights rescinded permanently. Failure to remit within 30 days will result in further charges and the debt passed to a debt recovery agency.

New for 2024: New windsock installation & weather station adjacent to runway intersection, visible from all RWY T/HOLDs.
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