Circuit Pattern

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N50 52.13 E000 07.18
20ft AMSL
(Part time A/G service) @ 118.265 Mhz
Circuit height
800ft AMSL
16L/34R: 845M (2,272’)
16R/34L: 568M (1,864’)
10/28: 510M (1,673’)

R/W 10
R/W 28
R/W 16R
R/W 34L
Coming soon
R/W 16R
Coming soon
R/W 34R
Coming soon

RUNWAY STATUS @ 02 October 2022

Runway 16L/34R
Bumpy patches (not suitable for microlights)
Runway 16R/34L
Open (hazard: longitudinal cracks in places)
Runway 10/28
ATN ALL PILOTS: The dry spell is causing longitudinal cracks on 16R/34L. Potential hazard to smaller wheeled microlights & tailwheels. If in doubt, walk runway / low approach & go-around.


Kittyhawk Aerodrome is located on Kittyhawk Farm, is operated by Kittyhawk Un Limited and has unlicensed airfield status.

This page is for information purposes only, no warranty implied.

Please be courteous to our neighbours – do not fly over local houses or villages.

Caution: undulating surface on taxiways & parking areas - hand/feet near brakes!
Beware of possible wind shear on 28 due to tall trees & buildings.
16L/34R is open subject to verbal briefing.
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