Circuit Pattern

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N50 52.13 E000 07.18
20ft AMSL
Circuit height
800' AMSL
16/34: 500M (1,640')
10/28: 520M (1,705')

Runway Status @ 14.10.21

Runway 16/34: Closed for maintenance.
Runway 10/28: Open.
16/34 is now offset a few metres to the west. Official dimensions are 500x17 with runoff at both ends. Further away from the tree line & avoiding the old scalped & bumpy centreline, giving us time to repair it when we re-integrate the southern extension.

Thank you to everyone who came to our first fly-in and made it such a special day
we've donated £150 to Kent Surrey Sussex Air AMBULANCE - thanks in part to your generosity


Kittyhawk Aerodrome is located on Kittyhawk Farm, is operated by Kittyhawk Un Limited and has unlicensed airfield status.

This page is for information purposes only, no warranty implied.

New radio frequency: KITTYHAWK RADIO @ 118.265 Mhz (Always make blind calls).

Please be courteous to our neighbours – do not fly over local houses or villages.
Beware of possible wind shear on 28 due to tall trees adjacent to windsock.
16/34 offset a few metres to the west to avoid bumpy and scalped centreline. Southern extension on 16/34 inactive for 2021 season.
Download Circuit Pattern PDF