Saturday 11 sep '21

We are excited to welcome you to our Kittyhawk fly-in today.

We've had an overwhelming response with over 60 aircraft RSVPs and plenty by car too. We are itching to fire up our custom built BBQ, serving up authentic Lebanese chicken kebabs and freshly made butcher's burgers.

We expect the BBQ to be going from 12-3 or so. We'll also have soft drinks, bottled water, tea, coffee & Maddy's legendary cake all day (courtesy of Cafe 8 Shoreham Airport), along with an ice cream van - come rain or shine.

If you wish to drink alcohol, you are welcome to bring your own.
Low flying aircraft
it is an offence to endanger the saftey of an aircraft
drive slowly. dogs on leads. control children. DON’t walk on runways. do smile! (you’re on cctv)

Visiting by air

Please call Kittyhawk Radio on 118.265 with five miles to run. Consider coming a little earlier or later than our anticipated 1200 BBQ start. We have plenty of food! Please study our circuit diagram at if you haven't already.

Fixed Wing / gyrocopters

Today's predicted weather currently favours runway 28, left hand circuit, with a 9kt west / south westerly breeze. Please call joining downwind. Caution, there is often is a risk of windshear on 28 when the wind is in the quarter forecast. If you would like a more detailed verbal briefing please call our resident, Duncan Campbell on 07733 366445. Parking is alongside BRAVO and runway 16/34. Marshalls will be on hand - please be aware that sections of our taxiways and parking are bumpy.


Helicopters to approach direct in from Arlington Reservoir at 500' AMSL. Landing and parking in field opposite the new build house. We have updated our circuit diagram at

Visiting by car

Search for 'Kittyhawk Aerodrome' on Google Maps or Waze - it will bring you down a 650m private track to the hangar. (Our postcode will NOT bring you to the farm!)
Parking will be clearly marked, past our concrete apron and in to an adjacent field. Please take care as the track is potholed in places. It's single lane, with a couple of places to pull over if there is oncoming traffic.


Please register your interest below so we can gauge demand (We won't hold you to it, but we'd be sad not to see you!)
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