Kittyhawk Aerodrome

near ripe, east sussex.

Runway Status @ 20.01.22

Runway 16/34: Closed / repairs pending.
Runway 10/28: Closed.

About Kittyhawk Aerodrome

Welcome to Kittyhawk Aerodrome. We are located on Kittyhawk Farm on the south coast of England, by the picturesque South Downs, East of Lewes and not far from Brighton, with a friendly & growing GA community. We welcome GA visitors far and wide! 

You can find us on SkyDemonEasyVFR, Pooleys (updated Airnote here) and google maps.

 If you are driving here, please search for 'Kittyhawk Aerodrome' on google maps or waze.
We operate in day time and are normally closed in the winter months. If you'd like to visit please check our circuit pattern first and then use our PPR form.
Automatic permission granted on PPR submission
As a courtesy to other pilots please use KITTYHAWK RADIO (118.265 MHz) when in the locale.
Always make blind calls.

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