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Pilots in command: please complete our PPR - 'Prior Permission Required' - form below, prior to arrival. Automatic permission granted on successful submission (subject to arrival within SR/SS and safe weather conditions).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Procedures & Fees

Our circuit pattern & advanced pilot awareness plates must be studied at (regularly updated, please check you are current on procedures).

Please check our runway status before your flight at

Live wind/barometric info at

We accept flights SR-SS (exceptions for certain helicopters).

We are susceptible to water logging especially at the start and the end of the flying season (normally March - November).

New for 2024 season: We experience wind-shear on r/w 28 short final when there's a south-westerly wind component and is only available for landings by visiting pilots once checked out by our CFI (requires booking / £75 flat fee). We do have a wide and long 16/34 available for use at all times - please be familiar with  your a/c type minima for cross wind landings.


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If for whatever reason you need to cancel your visit having pre-paid, we'll credit you with a coupon code for the full amount.

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